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customer service app

Manage every aspect of your customer service and warranty lifecycle with Pluto’s Customer Service App. This app combines traditional customer service management features such as scheduling, warranty issue tracking, and digital forms with construction industry-specific data analytics and workflows. This approach provides much improved benefits over other solutions that often introduce inefficiencies by being a ‘general’ solution that doesn’t really fit your specific workflow.  

 Our apps are real-time designed and field-tested by active construction-industry professionals, and remain intuitive and user-friendly while supporting the complexity necessary to provide powerful automation, data insight, and department-wide visibility.

sales app

Pluto’s Sales App provides next generation solutions for your sales teams to track inventory, manage customer data, and execute online sales contracts easily & accurately while eliminating the tedium of double entry.  

 Our powerful workflow system provides your sales team with direct communication to customers and realtors, online sales contract management, and real-time contract status tracking. Pluto offers a secure, public-facing, mobile-friendly contract execution system that gives your sales staff clear visibility and a painless customer experience. 

customer portal

Pluto’s intuitive Customer Portal helps drive customer engagement, freeing up valuable time for your staff. Customers, realtors, and lawyers can manage their own documents, signatures and even service requests on this publicly accessible service. The Customer Portal feature comes with zero setup on top of Pluto’s existing app suite, utilizing the data entered long before customer interactions.

Simple external account registration provides both security and a customized experience for each user. 

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MIS reports

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Pluto’s Management Information Systems (MIS) Reports App maximizes the efficiency and effectiveness of any construction or development business process. Our app provides powerful and flexible real-time reporting capabilities that provide unparalleled visibility into the performance of all departments from development to service.

With highly interacted data and customizable reporting options, you can easily identify trends, track progress, and make informed decisions. Our app is designed and developed in liaison with construction and development industry experts, who understand the unique needs and demands of the business. It is easy to use while providing the depth of data and customization needed to support sound decision-making, increase efficiency to enhance your bottom line of business process modules.

development workbench

Pluto Systems Development Workbench is a powerful module that provides clear visibility and comprehensive data management for construction and development companies long before property investigation, acquisition or excavation of your project begins.  

 This app follows industry standard workflows through zoning, subdivisions, and developer permit applications. Once development plans are processed through our flexible data screen designs, this critical data fuels all subsequent departments from construction through to service, with no redundant data entry. 

MIcrosoft project schedule integration

Pluto Systems offers full integration with Microsoft Project, the industry leading project management solution. Your project scheduling data can now be automatically analyzed and distributed to various locations within the Pluto System platform along with contextual reporting and powerful search functionalities not currently available in Project alone. This provides mission-critical insights through on-site mobile device capabilities to supervisors and their teams in real-time.

Pluto eliminates the need for double entry – managing your data through existing workflows ensures the information you need is accessible where and when you need it.  

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